aspects of sustainable urbanism i


Lecture Series for Master UI (BGU) students

Lecture Series (3ECTS) + Compulsory Practice Seminar (3ECTS)

The module provides systemic insight into basic principles of Urban Planning and Design, Urban (Re-) Development, based on Sustainable Urbanism. Focal aspects are the perception and exploration of key challenges of transformation, techniques of problem identification and conceptualization of resolution strategies in the urban realm. Presentation and application of exemplary morphologic and physiologic indicators of urban structure as well as the illustration of urban regenerations processes in best practise urban projects confronts the student with a repertoire of possibilities to integrate complex spatial, aesthetic, social, cultural, ecological and sustainable qualities into contemporary living environments. Physical encounters with the city are featured for studying important urban settings and city phenomena in real life.

Study goals:
After attending the lecture and completing the exercises, the students are able to recognize and understand current patterns of transformation of contemporary urban and suburban structures including connections between ecological, societal and economic factors. Based on the presentation of examples, students can reflect and understand basic ideas and approaches towards more sustainble living environments and can make connections with the focus of their major field of study.

The Module 60243 consists of two parts (A+B)  and will be credited with 6 ECTS when both parts are passed successfully.
Part A (3ECTS, group work): Lecture series and workshop (completion of one assignment, that will be developed during workshop sessions and presented in the final session. The assignment will require students to investigate and discuss the presented topics within the particular context of the city of Munich.)
Attendance of the lecture is mandatory.
Part B (3ECTS, individual work): Individual reflection of lecture content, workshop results and reading in a short exposee and interview.

The lectures are held in R 2255 at the Chair of Sustainable Urbanism, Thursdays 11.30 a.m.-13.00 p.m.
Person responsible for the module:
Prof. Mark Michaeli, Dorothee Rummel

The class will be held in room 2255 at the chair of sustainable urbanism on Thursdays 11:30h – 13:00h. The first lecture will be held on Thursday 09.11.2017. This class will be held in english.



aspects of sustainable urbanism I

explorations into sustainable urban design

1 / 10.11. // What is City?
Mark Michaeli

2 / 16.11. // Workshop I
Dorothee Rummel

3 / 23.11. //  Sustainable Urbanism
Mark Michaeli

4 / 30.11.//   Scale
Dorothee  Rummel

5 / 07.12. //  Workshop II
Dorothee Rummel

6 / 14. 12.//  Tools and Methods
Dorothee Rummel

7 / 11. 01.//  Inhabiting the City
Prof Mark Michaeli

8 / 18. 01.//  Public Realm
Dorothee Rummel

9 / 25. 01.//  Workshop III
Dorothee Rummel

10 / 01. 02.//  Workshop IV
Dorothee Rummel

11 / 08.02.//  Final Presentation
Mark Michaeli, Dorothee Rummel



Presentation: February, 8th 11.30-17.30 in room 2255.
Presentation of group-research-topic, combining knowledge of lecture series and workshop observations.

Format: max. 4 Din A1 sheets. Hand in via moodle also, please!



Oral Exams / Interviews: February, 27th (28th and March 1st) 2018, in room 2239.
Exam hours will be announced after hand-in. Individual reflection of lecture content, workshop results and reading in a short exposee and interview.

Abstract / Exposé submission: February, 16th 2018, 8.00 am, format pdf, by eMail to: and

After registration in TUMonline for examination the exact time-slots for the interview will be send to your personal eMail adress approximately 7 days prior to examination date and after having received the exposee!
Please make sure, that you are registered for the examination in TUMonline!

Responding to requirements of students mobility the institute offers an Early Exam Option:
Date will be announced. (filing date for exposé/abstract, Date will be announced by email).
Due to capacitary limitations, the chair can provide only a limited number time slots for examination. Thus the claim for a examination slot in this period has to be conclusively substantiated. The registration has to be made personally at the secretaries´office of the Chair of Sustainable Urbanism (room 2241, Mrs Anja Runkel). The registration does not replace the official registration procedure in TUMonline.
1. Abstract / Exposé
Students are requested to choose and prepare one topic/a case study in relation to the lecture series. For orientation and identification of possible topics all lecture presentation or secondary texts provided on this internet page (see above). Please make sure that the chosen topic plausibly relates or links to the lecture series and its content.

Since the interview aims at deeper understanding of the complex interrelations between urban concepts and contextual constraints it is recommended to choose for a topic/case study which connects to the personal environment or cultural context of the student. It can either be a concrete case-study or project which will be discussed or it can be one thematic aspect isolated from the presentations which will be elaborated into the depth, e.g. „why it is important to deal with xyz.....?“.

The topic will be presented in basic information on What?, in Which context?, Where to find information? in a short ABSTRACT which has to be submitted not later than February 16th, 2018. For the later interview/oral exam this exposé forms the basis of discussion, it will be read for preparational purposes by the examinators. So, please do not repeat basic information given in the abstract in the later interview!
In case of late entry of the abstract/exposé the oral exam has to be postponed to the the next examination period due to administrative reasons.

Maximum of 2 standard pages text, PLUS illustrations/maps., PLUS informations on sources of research, bibiliography etc.

the exposee contains:
– Title of the topic chosen/ „research question“ (What am I interested in?)
– Short introduction into problem/challenge. esp. in the context of the lecture series.
– Structure of the Interview / Which aspects should we look at into details?
   Which aspects are not in the focus? Which are the main sources for information?
   Are there examples/reference projects in application in space? (important esp. in
   abstract thematic approaches)

2. Oral exam / Presentation and interview
Presentation and interview 15-30 min in groups of 2 students. / Language: German or English.
Presentation and introduction into the problem/topic chose for examination by the student (approx. 5-7 min).
Questions/discussion of topic and lecture series content guided by the examinator (8-15min)



All necessary course materials are available via moodle.

sustainable urbanism
sustainable urbanism
sustainable urbanism